EV Charging Stations in India

Find near by public electric vehicle charging stations in India easily to plugin for your car or bike easily online at AwtoBazar


How to find public EV charging Stations ?

You can find public charging stations near by easily on AwtoBazar. #Find-Charge-Drive

How much does cost to charge at public charging points ?

The cost of charging your car or bike at public charging stations includes energy charges and services charges if any 

Can i charge my vehicle at any public charging point ?

Yes,you can charge your car/bike at any public charging point based on the provider and the type of charger compatible for your car or bike.

How fast can charge my car or bike at public charging point ?

The time duration to charge your car or bike depends on different factors :

  • the type of charger 
  • battery charging capacity
  • the level of charging 
  • output of charger

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