Revolt RV 300, RV 400 Launched @Rs 2,999/month : Highlights

Revolt has launched the RV 400,RV 300 with a unique monthly payment plan instead of a fixed price starting at Rs 3,499/month and Rs 2,999/month for three years respectively.

The both RV models will also come with introductory benefits such as a battery warranty of up to eight years or 1.5 lakh km, free maintenance benefits up to three years or 30,000km, a product warranty (five years or 75,000 km) and free insurance.

Revolt RV 300, RV 400 Launched @Rs 2,999/month : Highlights 1

The RV400 comes with a 3.24kW lithium-ion battery offers an ARAI claimed range of 156 km which is quite decent for an electric bike of this category with a regular 15A charging plug, which can be connected directly to the motorcycle,or to the removable battery with a choice of three riding modes – Eco, City and Sport.

Revolt RV 300, RV 400 Launched @Rs 2,999/month : Highlights 2

The RV 400 features a bolt-on subframe, a USD fork, a monoshock and disc brakes while RV 300 is a smaller model with a wheelbase of 30mm shorter at 1,350mm, the rear tyre is narrower and the rear disc brake is also smaller. However, the RV 300 has a slightly lower top speed of 65kph ,In Eco mode, the RV 400 bike claimed a 180km range on a single charge, whereas in Normal and Sport mode, it manages to claim 110km and 80km, respectively.

Revolt RV 300, RV 400 Launched @Rs 2,999/month : Highlights 3

RV 400 gets a mobile application to lets you choose an artificial exhaust sound for the bike with four pre-set sounds while you can also make one according to your own preferences which includes satellite navigation, bike locator, real-time bike information and diagnostics, geofencing for security, doorstep battery delivery, online payment gateway for a battery swap, and anti-theft features.

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